I am BABATUNDE IYABODE by name, I live in Osun. As a married woman with two kids am always looking forward for any business that will not involve too much stress so that  I will be able to look after my family. Even though as a graduate I still don’t belief in working for another  person or work myselfs out before I will get what I want. Because of this determination I concluded that I will go for an ONLINE BUSINESS despite the fact that I don’t know how it works. I bought many fake ebooks, and also encounter so many fake promises. On one faithful day I came across this partnership program on facebook it was tittled how to make money online in Nigeria, I was skeptical about it and not even interested in it at all thinking that it will also be like others. I just clicked it for reading sake, after that I decided to pay for the book since its not that much and assumed that what if I lost that money. So I got the book withing few minute and I read everything at once and you know what? that was how my mentality about all these  people calling themselfs internet guru changed totally and belief that we still have good Nigerians who did not sweet mouth others just to make their sales.


My experience with this program so far was fantastic and interesting this happen because the organizer, I mean the man behind this program(Mr Godwin) is a great man and he fulfill what he promise. The tutorial was very easy and undestandable, very straightforward, whenever am having any challenge he is always available to rescue the situation unlike my past experience with others. Being a newbie (unexperience) person I must say that this program really good for anybody who want make money online . It really help me a lot, it has improve my status from newbie to now experienced person. Another amazing thing about this  jointmarketer.comis that I registered a domain name and host it without pay a dime,on my own part this program is an enlightenment.

Although as a newbie and scam victim I think I can say to some extent am satisfied  with this program for now, each day task was short and understanding this gives me opportunity to learn new things daily. But I will rather suggest that being an experience online marketer/trainner that Mr Godwin is he should find away of ZOOMING the vedio so that his students will be able to get it more clearer than before.


This partnership program is my NO 1 recommendation for anybody who:

  • Is looking for a program that guarantees extral income legitimately
  • Is willing to have financial freedom
  • Is willing to work from home like me
  • Is wishing to establish a business but due to one reason or the other was unable to

Is willing to have another source of            income without living his/her                       present job.

Just never worry about all these as there is someone who is ready to take you by hand and put you through in the journey of your business till you succeed. And the good side of this partnership program is that promise to return your 100 percent money back incase  you are not satisfy with their program. So what are you waiting for? Since you don’t have anything to loose go and learn how to make money online using their techniques.

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