15 Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure Home Remedies


There are lots of ways in which you can use home remedies to reduce high blood pressure, i mean without using medications.

NOTE:Before you start any new treatment consult your doctor to know if it is good for you, because individual body chemistry differs.

Therefore, using home remedies to reduce high pressure you need to listen to your body.

Exerrcise can be used in changing high blood pressure level, also other lifestyle changes as well as consistent good diets.

High blood pressure is a “silent killer diseases”.

Silent killer disease can be define as a disease that gives minor or no obvious symptoms, which can cause death if not taken Care of.

According to American Health Association (AHA), 17.3 million death occurred annually through out the World due to cardiovascular disease.

Every organ of the body needs oxygen so as to survive.

Blood is pumped out of the heart and into the arteries.

The blood carries oxygen throughout the entire body.

The deoxygenated blood returns to the heart to get re-oxygenated, and the cycle continues.


Here Are The 15 Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

1. Carrots –

carrots juice

carrots are high in electrolyte, as well as potassium.

Potassium is great in keeping the fluid within the body balanced and normalizing blood pressure.

Potassium attack the effect of sodium, consumed large amount of sodium can negatively affect the blood pressure.

Carrots also contain high levels of antioxidants beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Antioxidants lower the number of cancer-causing free radicals in the body system.

They also protest against damages to blood vessels and cellular death.

Therefore, carrots is considered as one of home remedies for high blood pressure.

Drink 1-3 cups of carrots juice per day. Ensure to buy organic and don’t add sugar.


2. Sesame oil –

sesamin is a lignan compound in sesame oil that has been shown to reduce blood pressure levels.

Sesame lignan lower the absorption of cholesterol in the body.

Using sesame oil as home remedies for tackling high blood pressure is a great one.

Unrefined Sesame oil is recommended one because it contains omega-6, poly unsaturated fatty acids, sesamin and vitamin E which are great for reducing blood pressure, diabetics and cardiovascular diseases.


Incorporate 1oz of sesame seeds or oil into your daily cooking for nothing less than 2 months.


3. Coconut Water –

Coconut water is best when it is organic and used in its raw form.

It is filled with potassium and magnesium electrolytes which are very essential for the heart muscle.

It lower blood pressure by performing as a potassium sparing diuretic.

This extracts the excess water from the body while retaining vital potassium.

Drink 8oz of organic Coconut water, 1 to 3 times per day.

The result of this are based on your body weight, so if you are heavier type drink more Coconut Water (3 times per day).


4. Tomatoes –

Tomatoes contain vitamin E, beta-carotene, and antioxidants which are all great at lowering high blood pressure.

It also contain lycopene, a chemical that gives it its rich red color.

Lycopene has antioxidant effect that lower bad cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis ( that is building up of fatty deposit in arteries).

These build up can lead to many diseases including cardiovascular disease.

Eat a cup of fresh Tomatoes, blend tomatoes juice ,or tomatoes sauce, Everyday.

Incase you don’t like the taste of tomatoes, you can take lycopene supplements.

But always try and avoid commercial sauce because it contains high level of sodium.


5. Celery –

Chinese widely use this seed in lowering high blood pressure of the liver in their culture.

It is a fibrous vegetable that also acts as a diuretic.

Diuretics flushes out excess water from the heart and the body.

This specifically cause reduction in blood pressure.

Mix celery seeds into your tea, or drink fresh celery juice, you can also add it to your cooking.

Do any of these 3 times daily. You can also take 100mg of seed extract twice daily.


6. COQ10 – this has been shown to reduce blood pressure only and lowering the thickening of the heart muscle.

It contains antioxidant that are good in maintaining cardiac health.

According to Mayo Clinic for the hypertension treatment, use 60-360 milligrams daily for 8-12 weeks.

CoQ10 has no side effects since it naturally occurs in the body.

7. Mistletoe –

mistletoe for home remedies

apart from been used for decoration during holiday, it has a lots of uses.

While thinking of lowering the rised blood pressure thus plant us a good one for that.

Mistletoe boost immune system, it treat hepatitis and cancer, and also reduces blood pressure by controlling nerve impulses along the heart and arterial walls.

Using mistletoe for the treatment of blood pressure is a gradual process but its effect on blood pressure last longer.

Care must be taken in using mistletoe because it can be harmful and poisonous when consumed raw and unprocessed.

Ensure to you talk to your doctor before taking it to avoid hypotension.


8. Omega-3 –


It is well known that omega-3 are effective at fighting depression and anger.

Omega-3 is for reducing essential inflammation throughout the body.

Reducing inflammation helps prevent heart disease, stroke and mental illness.

Omega-3 is really great at lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

It contains essential fatty acids which are poly unsaturated fat derived from linoleic and oleic acids.

They are essential fats so it is important that they are obtained from our diet because our bodies can not produce them on its own.

Fatty fish such as salmon sardines, trout, krill, herring, and canned tuna contains a good amount of omega-3.

The daily recommended dose of omega-3 is 1000mg.


9. Hawthorn –


Hawthorn contain flavonoids which are antioxidants that destroys free radicals.

Flavonoids helps dilate blood vessels, improve the flow of blood and protect against blood vessels damage.

Hawthorn has been used for a lots of ailments treatment for many centuries.

It is used for treatment of ailments like cardiac, circulatory and respiratory disorders.

Although this plant is specifically used for the treatment of high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, chest pain, heart failure and atherosclerosis.

It is recommended to use hawthorn berry herbal tea bag(organic) or / and Hawthorn extract(capsule).

Drink Hawthorn tea 1-3 times a day.


10. Vitamin D – a researched completed in 2014 shows that vitamin D supplementation helps to lower high blood pressure.

It suppresses the hormone renin, which is likely to the effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.

ACE inhibitors are popular prescribed antihypertensive .

Vitamin D can be said to be “sun vitamin” which regulate over 200 genes.

Vitamin D is also responsible for the proper cell growth and development. 50-90 of vitamin Dis absorbed directly from the sun by our bodies.

The remaining ones comes from our diets. Real sources of vitamin D can be found in meat, eggs, fatty fish etc.

Globally more than 1 billion of peoples are living with vitamin D deficiency.


11. Lemon-

lemon has large percentage of vitamin C which us great antioxidant that helps neutralize all the harmful traces of free radicals.

Lemon keeps the blood vessels soft and prevents the hypotension levels, that is why it us greatly recommended for the treatment of high blood pressure.

It can help ti reduce the chances of heart failure because of its vitamin C percentage.

Simply drink a cup of warm water with the juice from ½ a lemon added to it each morning on an empty stomach.

For best result do not add sugar or salt.


12 Curry leaves – curry leaves are great natural remedies for bringing high blood pressure to normal level.

It will be better if you make juice of curry leaves.

Take 20_25 of curry leaves and add 1 cup of hot water. Try to take this juice in every morning.


13. Mint Leaves-

mint leaves are really good in curing high blood pressure.

It is considered to be a great cure of cardiovascular diseases trtreatments.


reduce high blood pressure dissolve two teaspoon of dry mint leaves powder with water or lemon water and drink it up twice a day.

You can also go for mint flavor chewing gums that you can carry and chew anytime you want.


14. Cardamom-A study revealed that taking 1.5grams of cardamom powder twice daily for 12 weeks can cause a significant reduction in high blood pressure level.

Although it is generally used as a spice, so it can be added to anything you eat or drink.

You can also make cardamom tea by adding a teaspoon of the powder to a cup of boiled water and leave it to steep for 5 minutes, strain it and take it when cool.


15. Broccoli –

This herb is rich in many healing phytochemical that can help in lowering high blood pressure.

It is also rich in chromium and potassium, these two compound assist in regulating blood sugar and blood pressure.

Eat lots of broccoli daily.


Final conclusion on home remedies for high blood pressure

It is very vital to keep your blood pressure at normal range. And all these home remedies can not work alone.

To achieve a great results you still have to alter lifestyle choices that may be the direct cause of your high blood pressure.

There are lots of natural remedies that can seriously reduce your blood pressure but you have to find the one that work best for you.

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